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The 15th Postgraduate Conference's Cadre Training and Outdoor Quality Development Campaign concluded satisfactorily

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In order to further strengthen the ability of teamwork, on the morning of September 8, the Graduate Student Association of our university held the 15th Graduate Student Association cadre training and outdoor quality development activities in Jinniuling Park, Haikou City. Before the training activities, all the cadres of the graduate student association and Mr. Feng Yongjian of the graduate student college of our university arrived at Jinniuling Park in Haikou safely and orderly by riding.

This training activity is divided into two parts, the first part is to visit Jinniuling Park, the second part is to develop quality. During the visit to Jinniuling Park, the director of the office, Chen Chunlu, explained the development history and past and present life of Jinniuling Park in detail for the participants, so that you can have a more in-depth understanding of Jinniuling Park. Participants focused on visiting the memorial and square of the Martyrs'Cemetery in the Campaign of Liberation of Hainan Island in Jinniuling Park. Teacher Feng briefly introduced the historical stories that took place here. Participants expressed their respect for the revolutionary martyrs by visiting and learning more about the liberation campaign in Hainan.

As a coach of quality development activities, Han Chunyang, vice chairman of the graduate student association of our university, carefully and conscientiously guides the activities with his professional accomplishment. Quality development can be divided into two parts: link acceleration and Hannover Tower. Before the beginning of quality development activities, the team should be organized randomly, and then each team should choose the right team leader, slogan and design team emblem to give you five minutes to prepare to exercise your ability of unity, cooperation and flexibility. Everyone is very enthusiastic about participating in the activities, the laughter on the spot is continuous, and the climax of the game is repeated. Vice Chairman Han Chunyang introduced to reporters: "This quality development activity is designed to strengthen the ability of teamwork, teamwork can be completed well, not a person can complete well, I hope you can cooperate sincerely in the daily work of the graduate student union in the future, and handle the work of the graduate student union."


After the successful completion of the training activities, Professor Feng Yongjian concluded: "All the cadres of the Graduate Union are present at this event. On the one hand, we should strengthen mutual understanding. On the other hand, we should deepen the sense of teamwork. We thank the students who prepared for the early part of this activity. Finally, we hope that the new Graduate Union can do better with the joint efforts of all of you.