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Notice on the Annual Inspection of the National Social Science Fund in 2018

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Relevant units:

According to the Regulations on the Management of the National Social Science Fund and the relevant work requirements of the Provincial Social Science Federation, the annual inspection of the National Social Science Fund will be carried out this year. Relevant matters will be notified as follows:

Scope of Inspection: All National Social Science Foundation projects in research before 2018 (excluding 2018)

Inspection contents:

1. Fill in the mid-term (annual) checklist and provide supporting materials (including copies of published results and unpublished original materials) for verification by the Scientific Research Department.

2. If there are other changes such as project extension, fill in the Important Matters Change Form.

Inspection time: before December 21, 2018.

Relevant units are requested to conscientiously perform their inspection duties, notify project managers to attend the annual inspection on time, understand the progress of overdue projects and urge them to complete the research as planned. Paper materials to be submitted include two copies of the annual progress report and supporting materials for the annual inspection. The paper version is submitted to the Planning Information Section of the Scientific Research Department. Electronic version sent to

Contact person: Yu Jin

Tel: 65880692 (68692)



Department of Scientific Research Management and Discipline Construction

December 19, 2018