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Publicity of the Results of Dynamic Adjustment of Degree Authorization Points in Hainan Normal University in 2018

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According to the Measures for Dynamic Adjustment of Academic Degree Authorization Categories of Doctoral and Master Degree Authorization Disciplines and Professional Degrees issued by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council (Degree No. 40, 2015) and the Implementation Measures for Dynamic Adjustment of Academic Degree Authorization Points of Hainan Normal University, our university organized the dynamic adjustment of Academic Degree Authorization Po

After College application, expert review and submission to the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee for consideration and voting, it agrees that:

Actively revoke 0710 authorization point for master's degree in Biology

Independently Adding 1202 Authorized Points for Master's Degree in First-Class Disciplines of Business Administration

In accordance with the requirements, the results of the dynamic adjustment and the proposed additional materials are publicized for 15 working days (from June 15, 2018 to July 5, 2018).

During the period of publicity, if there is any objection, you can report it to the Graduate School of Hainan Normal University (contact person: to the teacher; contact telephone: 65802066;