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Decree of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China No. 34

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The Procedures for Dealing with Falsification of Dissertations have been deliberated and approved by the 22nd Executive Council of Ministers on June 12, 2012. With the consent of the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, the Procedures are now promulgated and will come into effect on January 1, 2013.


Yuan Guiren, Minister of Education

13 November 2012



Disposal of Dissertation Falsification


Article 1 These Measures are formulated in accordance with the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Academic Degrees and the Higher Education Law of the People's Republic of China, in order to standardize the management of dissertations, promote the establishment of a good style of study, improve the quality of personnel training, and seriously deal with fraudulent dissertations.

Article 2 Where an application for a doctoral dissertation, a master's dissertation or a bachelor's Dissertation Submitted to a degree-conferring entity for a doctoral, master's or bachelor's degree, and a graduation dissertation (graduation design or other graduation practice link) (collectively referred to as a dissertation) for a bachelor's degree, the cases of fraud listed in these Measures shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of

Article 3 The acts of fraudulent dissertations referred to in these Measures include the following circumstances:

 (1) Purchasing or selling dissertations or organizing the sale of dissertations;

 (2) Writing or organizing dissertations on behalf of others;

 (3) Plagiarizing other people's works and academic achievements;

 (4) forging data;

 (5) Other serious fraudulent acts of dissertation.

Article 4 Degree applicants shall abide by academic ethics and norms and complete their dissertations independently under the guidance of instructors.

Article 5 The instructor shall educate the applicants for academic ethics and academic norms, guide the research and writing process of their dissertations, and examine whether the dissertations are completed independently.

Article 6 Degree-granting units shall strengthen the construction of academic integrity, improve the examination system of dissertations, clarify responsibilities and standardize procedures, and examine the authenticity and originality of dissertations.

Article 7 Where a degree applicant's dissertation is purchased, written by another person, plagiarized or falsified, the degree-granting unit may cancel its qualification for applying for a degree; if a degree has been obtained, the degree-granting unit may revoke its degree according to law and cancel its degree certificate. The decision to cancel the qualification for applying for a degree or to revoke the degree shall be made public to the public. Within at least three years from the date of making the decision, each degree-granting entity shall not accept any further application for its degree. If the applicant for a degree prescribed in the preceding paragraph is a student studying, his school or degree-granting unit may grant expulsion; if he is an in-service person, the degree-granting unit shall notify the unit in which he belongs in addition to disciplinary sanctions.

Article 8 Personnel who write, sell or organize the sale or sale of dissertations for others belong to students in their study, and their school or degree-granting unit may grant expulsion; teachers and other staff members belonging to schools or degree-granting units may be given expulsion or dismissal by their school or degree-granting unit. Contract appointment.

Article 9 If a supervisor fails to perform the duties of academic ethics and academic norms education, thesis guidance and checking and checking, and the degree thesis he directs is falsified, the degree-conferring unit may give warning and record the punishment; if the circumstances are serious, the post grade may be lowered until the dismissal or termination of the employment contract.

Article 10 Degree-granting units shall incorporate the examination of dissertations into the annual assessment of the training departments of colleges (departments) and other students. If fraudulent dissertations or dissertation fraudulent practices occur for many times, the degree-granting unit shall notify and criticize the Training Department of the college (department) and other students, and may give corresponding punishments to the person in charge of the college (department).

Article 11 If the system of degree-conferring units is not perfect and the management is chaotic, and the fraud of dissertations or dissertations has repeatedly occurred, the degree committee of the State Council or the degree committee of the people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government may suspend or revoke the qualification for granting academic degrees in their respective disciplines or specialties; the educational administrative department of the State Council or the provinces, autonomous regions or directly under its jurisdiction The educational administrative department of the Municipal People's Government may check and reduce its enrollment plan, and the competent authorities concerned shall be responsible for the persons in charge of degree-granting units who have direct management responsibilities in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.

Article 12 Where it is found that a dissertation is suspected of fraud, the degree-conferring unit shall determine an academic committee or other institution with corresponding responsibilities and, if necessary, may entrust a specialized agency composed of experts to investigate and identify it.

Article 13 Before making a decision on the handling of degree applicants, instructors and other relevant personnel, the parties concerned shall be informed and heard to state and defend their opinions. If the parties are not satisfied with the decision, they may appeal, apply for administrative reconsideration or initiate administrative proceedings in accordance with the law.

Article 14 Social intermediary organizations, Internet sites and individuals, who organize or participate in the sale or writing of dissertations, shall be investigated and punished by the competent authorities in accordance with the law. Where the fraudulent act of dissertation violates the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, the legal liability shall be investigated in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.

Article 15 Degree-granting units shall, in accordance with these Measures, formulate and improve the relevant administrative regulations of their own units.

Article 16 These Measures shall come into force as of January 1, 2013.