Professor Han Leng, a researcher at the Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, came to the college to give lectures.

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On the morning of May 14, 2018, Prof. Han Leng, a researcher at the Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, gave an academic report titled "Chinese Network Literature from the Perspective of Comparative Literature: Taking "My Sunshine" as an Example in the lecture hall on the second floor of the South District of the Campus. Luo Wei, deputy director of the Institute of Foreign Literature, presided over the report. Dr. Peng Yu made a comment. The teachers and graduate students of the Foreign Language College and the College of Literature listened to the report.

Professor Han Leng is the youngest professor and researcher of the Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, and editor of the magazine "Guangdong Social Science". Doctor of Literature, Northeast Normal University. In 2009, he won the third China Women's Literature Award with the monograph "The Conflict of Modernity Connotation - Haipai Novel Sexual Love Narrative". His research interests include modern and contemporary Chinese literature, comparative literature, and aesthetics.

Professor Han's report explores the profound influence of Shakespeare's plays on Chinese contemporary literature from the similarity of the inner plot structure between Chinese contemporary online novel "How to Silence" and Shakespeare's drama "Romeo and Juliet". The report uses a keen academic vision, uses comparative literature to influence research methods, cuts into network literature research from the perspective of feminism, and discovers and analyzes that some contemporary Chinese online literature selectively accepts the influence of Shakespeare and abandons its humanistic connotation. The intrinsic demand of popular culture infiltrates the stereotypical concept of patriarchy, thus reflecting the real anxiety of young women in contemporary China. And the only solution to the deviation of the values reflected in this literary works is the harmonious symbiosis between men and women in reality.

 In the Q&A session, Professor Han shared the creative process of his thesis with the teachers, and used the intertextuality theory of literary field theory and literature to answer the qualitative research method of the paper proposed by teachers and students. The problem of research and the relationship between the convergence of the structure of literary works and the influence of the work of a particular author.

Professor Han used vivid examples to show how literary studies pay attention to today's social problems, and teachers and students are deeply inspired.

In the afternoon, Professor Han Leng and the academic backbone of the School of Foreign Languages exchanged ideas on the writing and submission of academic papers. From the perspective of the editor of the literary edition of the comprehensive social science magazine, Professor Han started the topic selection of the thesis and the construction of the logic in the process of writing the thesis. The normative questions of the paper shared their feelings with everyone. Later, Prof. Chen Yihua, the head of the School of Foreign Languages, started his own experience and shared his experience from the perspective of the author and the reviewer.