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The translation of the Application for joining the party

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The application for re-transfer is a written material for the probationary party members to submit to the party organization when the preparatory period expires. The title is generally "Transformation Application".

The application for rectification generally includes the following contents:

1. State the time when you are approved as a probationary member, and when will it be ready to expire. The extension of the preparatory period should indicate when the time was extended because of the extension of the time and the formal request to the party organization to become a formal party member.

2. Report your performance during the preparatory period. This part is the focus. Be as detailed and specific as possible. First of all, I have to write myself after joining the party. Under the education of party organizations, what are the gains in improving ideological awareness, strengthening party spirit, and resolving ideas into the party. Secondly, explain how you asked yourself for the party members during the preparatory period. What progress has been made in politics, thought, work, and study. What results are achieved. Once again, the shortcomings of the party’s entry into the party are now overcome, and there are still some shortcomings.

3. Describe the direction of future efforts. The direction of the effort should be stated for its own shortcomings and deficiencies, and the measures should be concrete and feasible.

4. If there are any circumstances and need to explain to the group, it should also be clearly written.

It is a very serious matter to write a correct application. In order to correctly understand yourself and make the organization fully understand yourself, before writing the application. It is necessary to actively seek opinions from the masses inside and outside the party, especially the opinions introduced into the party, and seek their help. Analyze yourself for seeking truth from facts. The shortcomings and emerging problems should be reflected in the truth.

The application for transfer should generally be handed over to the party branch before the expiration of the preliminary period.


How to report your thoughts

In order to make the party organizations better understand themselves and accept the education and supervision of the party organizations, they must actively report their thoughts, work and study to the party organizations, and consciously cultivate their own organizational concepts and improve them. Ideological consciousness. Under normal circumstances, at least once every six months should be reported orally or in writing.

Write a thought report to the party organization. As the name suggests, it is mainly to write your own thoughts. Of course, it also involves work and study. The specific content depends on the different situations of each person, if the party’s line, policy, policy or the center of a period What are the views of the task, you can clarify your attitude in the report, write your own understanding or have any doubts, unclear questions, etc. If you participate in important activities or learn important articles, you can put yourself in the same position. Education, experience and understanding are written to the party organization; if there is a contradiction between personal interests and national interests and collective interests, you can report what you think and how to treat and deal with them. If in order to make the party organization understand its own recent ideological situation, it is necessary to clearly explain what progress has been made to its own state of mind, what problems exist, and how to improve it in the future. In the last part of the report, you can write your own requests and hopes for the party organization. For example, I hope that the party organizations will strengthen their education and education, or ask the organization to send people to talk about their own hearts and propose their own efforts.

To write a thought report to the party organization, the most important thing is to be true, and avoid the superficial articles of empty talk and set of words. It is worth noting that on the one hand, comrades who are required to join the party must actively report their ideas to the party organizations; on the other hand, the party organizations must cultivate and inspect the comrades who have the requirements of joining the party through various forms, and comprehensively analyze the situation of a comrade. It is not easy to use the number of reports to measure whether he is actively approaching the party organization.