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Foreign Languages College Student Work Report

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At 4 o'clock on the afternoon of August 18th, the deputy secretary of the Foreign Languages Institute Yang Baiquan and the counselors of the School Office held a meeting of the squad leader in the 105 lecture hall on the first floor of the Foreign Language Building. The counselors of the School Office attended the meeting and scheduled the deployment of respective responsible work.

Students in the new semester will be required to report the statistics and ask the squad leader to confirm the arrival of the students directly, and it is emphasized that every student must be sure to come to school safely and keep in touch with the students who have not arrived.



Classes began on August 20th. Each class must have strict attendance system. It was found that some students did not take time off and did not attend classes. They were reported to the instructors at the first time, and they were contacted by the instructors.



Finally, Deputy Secretary Yang Baiquan emphasized the precautions for the safety of the school, so that everyone must pay attention to the safety of personal and property, and pointed out that the decoration work around the teaching building is going to be closed. Everyone must be careful when entering and leaving the school building. Also, students should not believe in rumors, not forward inappropriate comments, not participate in illegal organizations, illegal gatherings, and graduate peacefully.


Then Yang Shuji informed the class about the progress of the school evaluation work, and asked the students to fully cooperate with the school's assessment work, and organize the study of the "Undergraduate Assessment Should Handbook". Finally, Yang Shuji emphasized the importance of the work of the squad leader, affirmed the efforts of the squad leaders, and asked the squad leaders to seek truth from facts when they were confirmed to attend the school, not to be selfish, and to find out the abnormal situation must actively contact the counselor teacher.


After the meeting, Deputy Secretary Yang Baiquan led the counselors to visit the college student dormitory to understand the situation of students returning to school and to exchange ideas with the students in the dormitory. The school leaders and counselors and teachers  will visit each student dormitory to know about the students' accommodation environment, study and living conditions, and ask students who have not returned to school on time. The students must pay attention to safety whether they are going out or in the dormitory. Students are responsible for the personal safety of themselves and others. In addition, students are encouraged to use the aggressive attitude to meet the learning and life of the new semester, and strive to make achievements that allow teachers, families, and society to recognize.