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Graduation Thesis Defense Work Report of Student Going to Japan Kyushu Foreign Language College Overseas Internship

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From April 24th to April 28th, 2017, the teachers of the Japanese Department of Hainan Normal University's School of Foreign Languages, Xie Yue and Li Yanqiu, went to the Kyushu Foreign Languages School in Japan to conduct a thesis defense of overseas students. The thesis defense will begin at 9:30 am on April 25. Vice President Zhao Shan is the chief examiner, teacher Xie Yue is the deputy examiner, and teacher Li Yanqiu is the recorder. The order of the student's defense is determined by drawing lots. Each student's paper presentation time is 5 minutes, and then the questions raised by the examiner are answered. Each student answers questions about 6-7 minutes. The statement is divided into 70 points, including instrumentation, courtesy, language expression, logic, and whether the theme is clear. Each question is answered with a perfect score of 10 points. Judging from the defense situation, the oral expression ability of overseas intern students has been greatly improved, and the results of the defense are relatively high.




After the end of the thesis defense meeting, the two teachers, Xie Yue and Li Yanqiu, had extensive exchanges with the students and learned more about their study, work and life there. It is understood that students have been fully familiar with and adapted to life and schools in Japan, and their oral Japanese has been greatly improved. They have a detailed understanding of Japanese living habits, etiquette and social norms.