The Starting Ceremony of English Corner was held in the Lecture Hall of Foreign Languages College

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On March 17, 2019, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., the launching ceremony of "English Corner" was held in 105 lecture hall of Foreign Languages College of Hainan Normal University.

Teachers who came to the scene and participated in the activities were Chen Shenggu, You Qi Dongmeng, Hua Rong, Wang Weike, Qi Yue, Xin Wanying and Ma Yuhong.

Activities include the following: Teachers'group members' speeches, student representatives'speeches, foreign teachers' announcement of the start ceremony, group discussions, game links, and the first English Corner theme activities. The launching ceremony was full of activities and warm atmosphere.

This launching ceremony is an important part of the "Foreign Language Activity Month" of the College of Foreign Languages. In the future, the College will also carry out various reading activities, dramatic activities and series of English competitions throughout the school to enhance the academic atmosphere of learning and using English on campus.

After the opening ceremony, the South Campus and Guilin Ocean Campus held the first English Corner at the same time, which received a warm response from teachers and students.